Breathwork Benefits And How Does Pso-Rite Help With This

Breathwork Benefits And How Does Pso-Rite Help With This

According to Google Trends, a six-fold spike in searches for "breathwork" has been observed during the last five years. Using your breath to access your body's intrinsic healing wisdom is a highly effective technique.

It is a technique that has been around for thousands of years, with many different forms and names. Still, all varieties of breathwork offer the opportunity for personal development via enhanced mental and emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

The parasympathetic nervous system is activated by practicing breathwork, just deep rhythmic breathing. Because it is stated that how we breathe determines how we live, we feel that we must breathe deeply to get the most out of life. The technique of breathwork comes into play here, too.

Top 5 benefits of Breathwork

  • It Alleviates Tension In A Relatively Short Period

Breathing mindfully could be one of the quickest methods to deal with the stress of daily living, according to a study conducted by researchers in 2017. Cortisol levels were considerably lower among participants who attended 20 breathwork training courses over eight weeks than those who did not. High amounts of the stress hormone cortisol in the body can lead to chronic inflammation.

  • Prevents Anxiety, Anguish, and Depression

Anxiety and depression are common problems for many of us in the modern world. Stress, anxiety, despair, and rage can all be addressed safely and effectively via the practice of breathing exercises.

Breathing may often tell us how we're feeling. As your brainwaves move from beta to alpha and even theta, you'll notice a reduction in tension, despair, and negative thought patterns. According to a University of Pennsylvania study published in 2016, persons with severe depression who had not found relief from pharmaceuticals could benefit from breathing-based meditation.

  • Help Reduce Pain

Those who suffer from chronic pain are more likely to have tried to ignore their agony by keeping a distance from their bodies. Your body has an inherent potential to self-heal, but when you disconnect from it, you're denying yourself the ability to do so.

As per research, breathwork effortlessly re-establishes your connection to your body, which aids in the onset of healing. Exercising your lungs to their total capacity releases feel-good endorphins that lessen pain perception while increasing pleasure. Patients with chronic pain may manage their symptoms better if they practice slow, deep breathing.

  • Improve Digestion

By stimulating and expanding blood flow in the digestive tract, breathwork can also improve intestinal function. Bloating and gas can be eased with deep breathing exercises. Because breathwork reduces stress, cortisol levels fall, lowering inflammation in the intestines.

Finally, because practicing breathwork lowers your general anxiety and depression, you are more likely to make better food preferences and less inclined to overeat or eat the improper foods that create digestion troubles in the first place.

  • Enhances Massage Therapy

As taught in massage school, the goals of massage treatment are supported and enhanced by deep breathing. Deep breathing, also known as abdominal breathing or belly breathing, is an efficient way to boost blood flow, the lymphatic system's efficiency, and the body's ability to eliminate toxins.

It is possible to employ belly breathing at any moment to reduce anxiety by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. The ultimate goal of every massage client is physical relaxation, which is best achieved by deep breathing. If you're looking for the best hip massager, the pso rite is an absolute game-changer.

Pso Rite - The Best Psoas Massager

The PSO-Rite is, without a doubt, the most groundbreaking piece of self-care mobility massage and muscle release equipment that has ever been developed. The Pso rite’s peaks, in particular, are determined by the shape and thickness of the hand. The forearm and elbow are represented by the peaks’ angled sides and corners, respectively. You can work on any portion of your body with muscular tension because the structure is so sturdy.

The Pso-rite helps to improve circulation, muscle relaxation, and mobility by warming and relaxing the muscles. To improve physical performance, the Pso-Rite is utilized to stretch muscles and relieve joint compression. As the muscular tension is reduced, more space is available to the joint, enhancing mobility. Most importantly, this tool helps to improve your breathing.

How The Pso-Rite Helps You Breathe?

Combining breathwork while using the Pso rite in specific postures is revolutionary. It is imperative that, as you apply pressure with the Pso-Rite, you maintain a concentration on slow, deep breathing. If you are trying to strengthen your psoas, for instance, you should lay down on your back, position the Pso-Rite on your stomach, and then concentrate on lifting the Pso-Rite.

Circling the abdomen in a clockwise direction can also have a calming effect on the intestines and make more room for the diaphragm. Your diaphragm will become more active as a result of this. This way, the benefits of breathwork will extend to the psoas, illacus, abs, and other parts of your body.

The Pso rite helps to regulate your breathing because when you’re massaging parts of your body in various postures, you have to do deep breathing for maximum benefit.

  • Psoas and iliacus massage

Lie on your stomach with your elbows and knees under you. Put the two peaks in the middle of your ribcage and your pelvis. Maintain your concentration on inhaling deeply into your pelvis, and work to push the peaks away from you while you do so. After holding, let out your breath and sink into each peak as you shift side to side. Repeat the steps of taking a deep breath, pushing the peaks away, and then exhaling.

  • Ab Massage

You can either lay on your back with your legs straight or bent with your heels tucked in near to your butt. Take hold of the Pso-Handles Rite’s and perform a light massaging motion all over your abdominal and mid section. Maintain your concentration on inhaling into the position of the peak. Exhale, and give that area a quick, soft massage. It should be repeated all over your core.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a doctor for specific medical advice.

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