#1 Best Massage Tool For Your Home Or Work.

#1 Best Massage Tool For Your Home Or Work.

When Should You Massage, And What Kind Of Massage Should You Do?

Many people believe that the only thing they can do to get through the day if they're feeling anxious and sore is to take over-the-counter pain medication. But in reality, what you need is quick, relaxing, and effective massaging using the PSO-RITE tool. Massage is an excellent method for relieving stress, relieving pain, and reducing muscle tension. Let's first explore when you should get a massage, the types of massages that exist, and how the PSO-RITE self-massage tool can be your at-home massage therapist.

What is massage therapy?

As the name implies, massage therapy uses various pressures, motions, and techniques to manipulate the muscle tissue and other soft tissues within the body. Massage treatment can help relieve stress and tension, treat symptoms, repair injuries, and promote overall health by slowing down the nervous system. Our hardworking bodies deserve some pampering, and massage treatment is a great way to do it. Is there a way of determining when to massage? A massage may be just what the doctor ordered, so here are some things to consider:

  • You are in training:

All kinds of outdoor activities can be enjoyed during the summer season. Whenever you put your body through physical strain, you should reward your muscles with a relaxing massage. To stay healthy and injury-free, a qualified therapeutic massage therapist can help. The PSO-RITE full-body self-massage tool is also an option.

  • It hurts to move because of your back, neck, shoulder, or hip:

When your body experiences pain, it is trying to tell you something is wrong. When we get busier, we overlook the messages our bodies provide us. Your injury could worsen if you ignore your discomfort. Use the Pso-Rite to massage the part of your body where you're experiencing pain, and you'll notice a significant improvement in your symptoms.

  • You've had a lot of headaches lately:

Tension headaches can occur due to tense muscles in the shoulders, back, and head. Maintaining a regular massage regimen will help alleviate these headaches and maintain a healthy posture. Migraine sufferers may benefit from massage therapy as well.

  • You don’t have a full range of motion:

You might not be able to turn your head or neck as far as you used to. You may not be able to raise your arm to your shoulders. Is it a challenge to touch your toes? Massage treatment may be able to aid you if you have muscular limits, regardless of your situation.

  • There is a sleep deprivation problem:

So many of my customers say they sleep "poorly." Getting enough sleep is crucial! When we sleep, our bodies replenish and repair themselves. Getting a good night's sleep is more accessible when calm and relaxed.

  • You’re stressed out:

In the grand scheme of things, most of us have a little more stress than is probably healthy. Getting a massage is an excellent approach to reducing stress hormone levels while increasing endorphin levels. The relaxation-inducing effects of massage therapy begin almost immediately.

Types of massage therapy

  • Deep tissue massage

Repetitive usage of your muscles can cause them to become inflamed, even whether you're merely sitting, driving, or slumping over your workstation. Get a deep-tissue massage to relieve that tenseness in the muscles and tendons of your lower body. Injuries, muscle tightness, and persistent pain can benefit from it.

  • Sports therapy

Similar to deep-tissue massage, sports massages target the muscles that are overworked as a result of sports or other physical activities that need repetitive motion. Performers such as dancers and athletes employ their bodies in ways that most would not think to do.

  • Trigger point massage

An area of tightness in your neck or back is an acupuncture trigger point. This little muscle spasm or tight spot in the tissue is called a trigger point. Trigger-point massages target specific points on the body with concentrated and direct pressure. As a result, these areas can expel their waste products more easily. Those suffering from chronic pain can also benefit from this form of therapy.

  • Myofascial release

Located beneath the skin, the fascia is a network of connective tissue that serves as a framework. To move freely, it provides support for the muscles. To loosen up your muscles and fascia, the masseuse will apply pressure to specific areas while working on your entire body. One of the most used therapeutic massage techniques, deep stretching, can be combined with this technique. Your neck, shoulders, and upper and lower back will all feel looser after doing this.

  • Lymphatic massage

Maintaining fluid levels and eliminating waste items from the body are only two of the many roles of lymphatic fluid. Lymphatic massage relies on light touch to encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Lymphatic massage is excellent for persons with inflammation, particularly those with arthritis and those who have undergone mastectomies, which frequently remove lymph nodes.

Introducing the best all-in-one tool for doing massage therapy at home

Massage therapists and hundred-dollar massage guns aren't available to everyone. Therefore a second expert is needed to get to those hard-to-reach areas. When this happens, the PSO-RITE comes into play. The Psoas muscle was the focus of the Pso-Rite Muscle Release Tool's development for people suffering from lower back and hip problems. The PSO-RITE is a terrific tool for releasing the Psoas muscle, but it may also be used for various muscle groups. Pso-Rite is not a once-a-day or twice-a-week tool. It's like having a portable massage table that you can take with you.

Massage therapists utilize their bodies to massage their clients, and the PSO-RITE is designed to simulate the shape of the hand and the hardness of the elbow.

Because the PSO-RITE doesn't require a second set of hands to function, it is superior to any other self-massage equipment now on the market. It's small and lightweight so that you can take it everywhere. You should use the PSO-RITE positions guide and How-To Videos on Youtube to get the most out of your self-massage and muscular release session.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a doctor for specific medical advice.

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