Psoas Self Massage- How It Can Be Effective For Joint Pain?

Psoas Self Massage- How It Can Be Effective For Joint Pain?

According to private senior care clinics and therapists, physical pain is one of the most prevalent health concerns. If not treated timely, this can turn into chronic pain and lead to severe physical dysfunctionalities such as a person's inability to walk, sit or stand properly. The difficulty physical pain brings, makes your life miserable. 

Various techniques, medications, and therapies can help you with pain relief. Psoas self-massage is one of the most known massage types that can help you with lower back pain relief and is also effective for joint pain. It can be easily performed at home, and you can find it helpful in getting rid of the pain. 

How to Perform Psoas Self-Massage?

There are many different opinions about the Psoas massage and its effectiveness. However, some people do suggest that it is a little uncomfortable and unpleasant. In contrast, others are of the view that it is worth giving a try and is found to be effective, particularly for lower back issues. If you want to benefit from it completely, here is how to perform it the right way and carefully:

  • It would be great to locate the psoas before you start the passage. You can identify the exact position by placing the ball on a muscle, lifting your leg, and flexing your hip. You will feel the muscle working.
  • Lie down on your stomach in the Sphinx pose and support your body with your elbows.
  • Grab a massage ball, place it on the side of your belly button, and gradually move it downwards. 
  • You can either stay on your elbows or lie down completely on your stomach. 
  • Breathe in and breathe out once you start releasing the muscle. The tightness at the beginning will dissipate.


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Why are psoas muscles so important?

Psoas muscles are one of the essential parts of your body and are involved no matter what you do. They connect your lower body with the spine. Their proper functioning is important to help you walk upright and maintain a healthy spinal position. Psoas muscles are connected to your diaphragm via fascia and are also involved in your breathing process. If you can bend, lift objects from the floor, and climb up the stairs effortlessly, all praise to your healthy psoas muscles! They also have a direct connection with your fright and flight response. 

Weak psoas muscles can put a strain on the surrounding muscles and tissues, thus, leading to lower back irritability, difficulty breathing, and leg and pelvic ache. Focusing on psoas self-massage and doing it rightly for enhanced effectiveness can ensure their healthy functionality.

What weakens your psoas muscles the most?

To take care of your psoas, you should avoid developing certain habits. For example:

  • Sitting for too long.
  • Avoid slouching; keep your sitting position straight.
  • Avoid sleeping in a fetal position.
  • Make sure you are not putting your body weight on the side only.
  • Avoid too much running; it weakens your psoas muscles fast.

Why is psoas massage important?

Psoas massage is highly beneficial for those going through lower back irritability and pelvic, leg, or joint aches. Here is how you can benefit from getting your psoas muscles massaged:

Relaxed psoas muscles increase your mobility and improve hip movement. You can walk as long as you want with difficulty.

It gives you relief from chronic back pain, and you can get back to sitting straight.

Bad posture leaves a bad impression. Healthy psoas muscles help in maintaining a good posture since it keeps the surrounding tissues and your body joints from getting strained due to over usage.

The Bottom Line:

Massaging your psoas muscle is not really pleasant. The discomfort and pain will be there, but the results will surely make you feel healthy and relaxed again.